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About the company

What makes Van Nierop so unique, besides the fact that it is located in the beautiful Monster where the beach and sea are just a stone's throw away? Van Nierop has been a family business for 35 years, you will notice that immediately upon entering. Everyone is there for each other. We listen carefully to you as a customer, so that we know which vehicle suits you or which vehicle we can look for.

The name van Nierop goes with the name:

  • Passion for the job
  • .
  • Reliability
  • Great knowledge through years of experience
  • Honest prices

Van Nierop is a household name in the Netherlands and the number 1 in used commercial vehicles. Van Nierop sells vehicles all over the world, but we are also ready for our neighbors who need a vehicle. No nonsense mentality, hard work and reliability are what we strive for.

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Our team

Van Nierop Aad van Nierop Aad van Nierop Sale +31 6 53 25 51 33
Van Nierop Rob Smit Schouten Rob Smit Schouten Sale +31 6 54 93 84 79
Van Nierop Joep de Raaf Joep de Raaf Sale +31 6 44 71 09 12
Van Nierop Willem de Wit Willem de Wit Sale +31 6 21 94 60 05